de France
in the Dark

for visually impaired children

I’m a visually impaired athlete preparing for an extreme challenge: To complete The Tour De France 2021 on a tandem bicycle.

Not a single visually impaired athlete has managed to finish the world-renowned bicycle race, but this isn’t my only motivation. Together with the endowment fund Světluska we aim to raise money for disabled children and help them fulfil their athletic dreams. Will you come along for the ride? To make this possible, I’m looking for sponsors which I’ll be promoting on my jersey during the race, on my website and on social media.

The race takes place from 26th of June to 18th of July 2021 and you can be there with me! Thanks to the GPS tracking, you’ll be able see where I am on the map and how my pilot Marek and I are getting on. Our journey will be documented by the Czech Television.

  • The Tour de France route is 3383 kilometres long.
  • The longest stage is 248 km long, the shortest only 27 km.
  • The extreme race stretches over 21 days with only 2 days of rest.
  • Half of the stages are flat, the other half hills and mountains.
  • If I succeed, I’ll be the first visually impaired Czech to ever conquer The Tour De France.

I promise I’ll give it my all. I’m training 4 hours a day on an exercise bike and ride 120 km on average. In order to conquer the Tour De France, I’ll need your help.

Let’s all help out visually impaired children so they can purchase cycling gear and give them the hope they all need. Every little can lead to amazing things!

IBAN: CZ68 2010 0000 0024 0198 7458

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