Premiere of the documentary film 

Tour de France in the dark


Completed: June 17, 2022
The biggest challenge: Getting people to come
The catchphrase: “Ondra, can you see how crowded the cinema is?”

The famous Tour de France cycling race has been a life experience for me. Last year, accompanied by a team of four, I went to France to get on a tandem bike with my sports guide Mark Peterka and try to conquer all 21 stages of the Tour de France. We have successfully completed an almost month-long adventure across France and conquered an incredible length of 3,414 km. My motivation was not only to overcome my cycling limits but mainly to help those who need it the most. In cooperation with the Czech Radio Foundation “Světluška”, I launched a charity fundraiser a few days before the start to support blind children and their leisure activities.

The director and filmmaker Rostislav Málek was also present throughout our trip, filming the whole adventure to release a film documentary a year after. The ceremonial premiere took place in my home town Třebíč in the Pasáž Cinema.

“So, what’s your next goal, Ondra?” I was asked by the host Hela Dvořáková while people gave a standing ovation.

“First of all, I would like to thank you all for coming, and I hope you enjoyed the film. Well, probably another Hollywood blockbuster,” I blurted out, and the cinema hall roared with laughter.

The event also included the launching of my book called “Tour de France in the dark”. But the highlight of the premiere was the fact that we were able to help again. We auctioned off my cycling jersey and six framed photographs by photographers Rostislav Málek and Jakub Mertl, in favor of a seven-year-old handicapped boy. Nikolas was born a healthy baby, but after a few months, doctors discovered that he had an underdeveloped right hemisphere of the brain, which caused severe mental retardation. Currently, Nikolas is on a soft food diet and cannot walk, and his mom wished for a new stroller for him, which she was able to afford thanks to the auction. I’m grateful to everyone who participated—we raised an incredible amount of CZK 30,000!

In November, I also had the honor of receiving the highest award of the Vysočina Region in the form of a beautiful wooden medal for what I strive for in life. My goal is to always help others with my sports activities, whether it’s running the Marathon on The Great Wall of China, crossingthe entire Czech Republic, or, most recently, finishing the Tour de France race. However, this medal does not only belong to me—it belongs to everyone who supports me in my efforts in any way. Because without my family, girlfriend, friends, and supporters who see the meaning in what I do, it would never be possible. And that’s why I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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