Paralympic Games

Every no is the beginning of a yes!

Tokyo Paralympic Games

I know very well how important it is in life to follow your dream. One that won’t let you down and will become your drive, your joy, and your reason to keep working on yourself.

Mine was to become one of the best athletes in the world in the sport of triathlon by participating in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. I was preparing for the paratriathlon world cup qualifying races with my tracker Marek Peterka. Those races were supposed to open the gates of the Olympic Games for us, which would be held in 2021 after a postponement.

I took nothing lightly and was ready to fight. That’s why I started co-operating with Jan Mühlfeit, a well-known coach, mentor and strategist, whose motto is: “Every no is the beginning of a yes!”

Our first paratriathlon qualification race was in Banyoles, Spain. Fortunately, the ear inflammation that was bothering me subsided before the race, we defended our 9th place and looked forward to the next qualifying race in Abu Dhabi, Arabia in March 2020.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic that came soon after made my Paralympics dream more difficult.

Every good finish in the competitions means more valuable points in the table that decides which athletes will eventually qualify for the Games and which will not. With the International Triathlon Union cancelling the World Qualifying races in response to the pandemic, I lost the opportunity to fight for those points and gain a better position on the qualification ladder. The Abu Dhabi Triathlon was my great hope. Its last-minute cancellation was a blow to me and the entire team of people helping me.

My participation in the 2021 Summer Paralympic Games was finally over, but I still believe that my dream of the Paralympics will one day come true.

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