Ultra Czech
515 Račice

A tactic of reasonable haste to set a record.


Completed: 20 September 2020
The biggest challenge: swimming
The catchphrase: “A tactic of reasonable haste to set a record.”

Ultra Czech 515 Račice is a three-day extreme triathlon race in the Labe Arena Račice. The first day starts with a 10 km swim and 145 km bike ride, the next day continues with a 276 km bike ride and the third day ends with an 84 km run.

No disabled athlete had ever participated in an ultra triathlon race like this before, so I was very motivated to finish the race and become a record holder.

Complications arose right away during the swim when the navigation rubber that the tracker and I had between us got caught on buoys in the water. Although I’m not a great swimmer and I hadn’t had experience with such a long course, despite the difficulties we managed everything and were able to switch to the bike. The good weather that reigned in late September also played into our hands, and we finished the first day of the race with a time of 8 hours 4 minutes 54 seconds.

On the second day my tracker Marek and I rode a bit more carefully to save our strength for the final run, but the flat course suited us, and we got a bit carried away towards the end. We completed the 276 km on the bike in great 7 hours 28 minutes 25 seconds.

The third, running, day was challenging, but despite the expectations I enjoyed it. During the run, my tracker and I opted for a new way of navigation having the cord around our waists to relieve our arms. At the finish, everything came crashing down on me and I was barely able to keep up, but the exhaustion was outweighed by the great feeling of being the Para Ultra Triathlon World Champion! All in a total time of 24 hours 20 minutes 36 seconds.

Thanks to my tracker Marek Peterka, our support Katka Kourková, Bohunka Semerádová, and also to the race organizers.

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