Epic 4Islands Croatia – 4 islands in five days

This on a tandem bike? We need a miracle!

cycle race

Completed: April 20, 2024
Biggest challenge: rocky passages
Catchphrase: “This on a tandem bike? We need a miracle!”

Kvarner islands in Croatia are as beautiful as they are tough; rocks, roots and all kinds of surprises cover the playground and challenge contestants from start to finish. Thousands of mountain bikers have left their blood, sweat and tears on the trails with the aim of becoming Epic. And this year, we decided to take on the challenge ourselves – on a mountain tandem bike.

Me and my guide Marek Peterka conquered four stages (+ prologue) leading through four Croatian islands (Krk, Cres, Lošinj and Rab) with a total length of 272 kilometers. In just five days and with a total ascent of over 6,000 meters, we pedaled up hundreds of stony roads, limestone hills, riding along cliffs and the sea with crystal clear water and through picturesque villages. One of the best MTB stage races in the world offered us endless climbing through narrow corridors where our mountain tandem bike barely fit, our backs sweaty from the merciless Croatian sun. The ever-present competition of sighted racers drove us forward, along with the hope that we could qualify for the finals in South Africa.

The race was truly challenging, and we crossed the finish line exhausted but grateful that nothing bad happened during our journey. I was most moved by the Spanish competitor Tomi Misser, who came to me after the announcement, expressed his respect and handed me his victory stone. These are the moments I will remember for the rest of my life!

Along with the fact that me and my guide Marek were the first handicapped team to ever finish 4Islands MTB Croatia.

A huge thanks goes to my sponsors, team, and my sports partners Marek Peterka and Lukáš Turek.

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